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Designs That Inspire Action

Our society places enormous pressure on us to pick sides;

right, left, liberal, conservative, pro, anti, and the list often seems infinite. 

While it’s expedient not to compromise our values we can also choose not to be a part of the divisiveness which is eroding our shared humanity. Our goal for the iCHOOSE brand is to counter this social discord by choosing a different narrative. With our “iCHOOSE” sticker, displayed on your car, computer – pretty much anywhere, or wearing the printed apparel, we want to change the conversation. Let's listen, engage with each other and respectfully agree to disagree. This will only make us stronger.

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iCHOOSE: Designs That Inspire Civility

There is a lot we can achieve by working together, despite our ideological, racial, ethnic, religious and other differences.  But this will require a commitment to engage each other in the free exchange of ideas, and to do so with civility and

respect, devoid of vitriol and personal attacks. 

iCHOOSE pledges to be a platform where we encourage all to freely contribute and exchange ideas that will promote understanding and empathy, and the chance to see the world through another person’s lens. I dare say that if enough of us choose to make this commitment, then we might yet have a chance at rebuilding the walls of trust and understanding that is slowly eroding our shared humanity, one person at a time.


We encourage you to proudly wear your iCHOOSE apparel and place our high-resolution weather resistant transfer stickers on your computers, windows or car shields. Please take a picture, share it on your social media platforms, and tag us.

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Let us customize your iCHOOSE


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